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YouCopia Storefront on Amazon Has So Many Organization Essentials – Real Simple

Just when we think we've discovered all of the hidden gems on Amazon (like this $6 hack that shoppers use to make over their homes), more pop up out of nowhere. The latest? A storefront that's completely dedicated to kitchen organizers—the majority of which are $30 or less.  
You might recognize some of the items featured throughout YouCopia's online store. It's filled with popular gadgets like the "Crazy Susan" tiered shelf, as well as so many space-saving spice racks, it's hard to count. 
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We scoured through the dozens and dozens of gizmos you'll find on these pages and  uncovered the eight most useful ones, including an adjustable lid organizer, an under-the-sink caddy on wheels, and a bin specifically structured for snacks
Read on below to discover the clever and convenient kitchen items that will clean up your home in no time.
A shelf and turntable in one, the UpSpace organizer rotates 360-degrees to ensure that everything from spices to cans is within view. The raised lazy Susan instantly adds layers of storage to cramped cabinets. Plus, it requires no tools to assemble. 
There’s nothing that wreaks havoc inside drawers and pantries quite like container lids. Before you even realize it, these mismatched toppers clutter up your cabinets and disrupt any cleanliness you previously worked so hard to achieve. Stop that unfortunate process before it begins with this organizer. The five-slotted contraption fits round and square lids so that you won’t have to go fishing for matching ones. 
This is not your typical caddy—it’s packed with useful features such as adjustable dividers, wheels, handles, and even comes with its very own drawer. Reaching for dish soap and sponges has never been easier. 
Keep bottles in place and organized for good using this three-tiered organizer. The adjustable height settings ensure that bottles of all shapes and sizes can be secured appropriately. And, for the record, the steel wires can hold up to 20 pounds.  
This completely adjustable turntable has three removable bins that can be placed on either of the two tiers as you see fit. Place the organizer in your refrigerator, cabinets, or pantry, and use it for storing everything from flour to condiments. 
Need more storage space in your cabinets? Add some in seconds with this snap-in-place shelving unit. The height adjustable device can hold up to 25 pounds of items.
Hold up to eight different-sized boxes to keep your cling wraps, trash bags, plastic bags, foils, and parchment papers in one accessible spot with this organizer. It’ll clean up your cabinets and free up space in your drawers. 
Instead of keeping bulky snack packaging in your pantry, organize your goodies in a compact bin that allows for every bag of chips and every flavor of tea bag to be visible. Three tiers, as well as adjustable dividers, ensure an efficient use of space.


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