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Why Should You Have a Web Site?


An email address may have been enough at one time, but now you’re ready to consider owning a website. You may be an author or an affiliate marketer who uses the given links to your major associate’s website. Amazon, eBay, YouTube, MySpace etc. don’t require owning a private or company website. There is much value to owning your own website. Your product and or service(s) become more personal and you have more control over the sales operation. You automatically gain a higher status with your own web site. You gain clout. A web site is like an office. It saves you money. You can actually sell things from the site.

Statistics have proven it takes an average of seeing an ad at least 7 times or more before a prospect is convinced enough to purchase what is available. With a web site the customer can either come back to you or you can continually email them. You have the capacity to harvest email addresses when you have a web site. This allows you to be in contact with your customers and prospects.

You can actually sell your product at a lower price if you own it on your own web site. Parent sites usually give you 50% of the profit. When you operate your own website and own your product, Much more of the money comes to you. After what ever website costs, you come out with a higher net.

You get a better cost per click when advertising on paid per click search engines, if you own a web site. Provided your domain name has something to do with what you are selling, search engines will actually favor your domain. You pay less money for a click to your link when that happens. Another example would be as follows: You’re an affiliate for Charlies Sweet Potatoes. You could create a site called “SweetPotatoesOfCharles Dot Com” and get all of the clicks to your site. Your prospects would be “pre-sold on the potatoes” before they clicked the parent Charlies Sweet Potatoes affiliate link. Having your own web site is truly cost effective. When you’re an affiliate marketer it behooves you to keep all the clicks instead of advertising the parent company’s URL. It makes you the center point and everything else branches off from you.

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