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Why Affiliate Digital Marketing Is Dead – Go Scuba Diving in the Amazon Instead


When you first get started trying to make money online, you dive head first into a world of SEO, list building, blogging, networking, and affiliate marketing – and soon you find what works best for you, and you proceed to devour the information presented.

The one thing ‘they’ constantly shout at you though is how important it is to build a following, develop a brand, or promote a persona. Whether you use a blog or a list is up to you, (they say) but without having established some sort of online credibility you are shooting yourself in the affiliate marketing foot.

Basically they are telling you that you need to learn how to crawl before you can walk, and I guess to a certain point this is true.

But then there is Amazon and Niche Sites.

When you build a niche site and monetize it with Amazon products you are creating a portal for those already looking for that physical product to go through and buy. During this exchange you are probably asleep or something, or at the very least, oblivious and on the other side of the country (or world). The Visitor did not need to know who you are because they know who Amazon is.

And Unlike the Digital Products world (read ClickBank) your visitor was also not debating as to whether this new ‘system’ or ‘push button software’ or ‘E-Course’ or ‘Video Series and Ebook’ would be right for them at this point because they were not searching for help on a topic or the answer to a question. They were looking for a new Scuba Tank! You Provided it, they bought it.

End of story.

Start Making Money with Amazon Niche Sites and you can stop worrying about the lesser details of mobility and just jump straight into the deep end! (Scuba Tank optional)

Source by Alex Whalley

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