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Passive Income Network

Unlimited stores

The fastest and easiest way to generate big profits

While creating a site or two should be enough to generate an increase in profits per month, imagine what you can do with an unlimited number of Amazon store? Yes, my friend... That's a lot of money you can make - but waiting for the commissions every month.

If you want to achieve your success faster, this is the best first step for you. Take action today, and the next month you'll be glad you did it.

Every Niche

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10 new profit-sucking Amazon stores every month

Every month, we'll provide 10 done-for-you stores, which are ready to generate profits. These stores will help you multiply your income. Yes, you don't have to do anything but doing simple clicks, and that's it. Your new stores are up and running.

These stores come with different niche, so you can tap into the golden niche that otherwise couldn't be found... or very hard to find if you do it manually by yourself.

If you take action now, in the next month you should have more than 10 stores up and running, ready to help you generate commission from Amazon affiliate.

Making money online has really never been this easy.

Proven Database

In Demand Products

Gain access to a database of winning products

Finding the winning products that sell like crazy on Amazon isn't easy and could be really time-consuming. Unless you're willing to hire an expert to do it for you, there's no other option than to spend countless hours to do the market research.

But relax... Now you have another option.

If you join the VIP StreamStore club, you'll gain access to a database of winning products, which is being updated every single month. This will be a complete game-changer.

Whenever you want to launch a new store, just open the database, and see which products are selling very well on Amazon. The next step is to simply launch the stores and wait for the commissions. Feels good, right?



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  • Unlimited Stores: Don't build just one or two, but a network of stores that are working 24/7 for you... helping you generate an income with Amazon affiliate.
  • 10 Done-for-you template Stores Every Month: Multiplying your income will be much, much easier. Every month you'll get 10 new stores ready to increase your profits. All you need to do is click... and the stores are up and running.
  • You can build a big business without spending: You Don't Even Need To Hire A Virtual Assistant To Create New Stores For You. Just Do A Few Simple Clicks, And 10 Stores Are Ready To Work For You.


  • Gain Access to a Database of Winning Products: You no longer have to spend countless hours to research the market. Just open the database and you'll see all the products that sell like crazy on Amazon.
  • a store network working for you: You Don't Need To Trade More Of Your Precious Time To Earn Income From Amazon. This Is The Real Set And Forget Solution You Need.
  • The Shortcut to Earn Six-Figure Income: Joining VIP StreamStore club is like having a shortcut to your success. With an unlimited number of stores, you'll become one step closer to earn six-figure from Amazon affiliate commissions.

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With This Upgrade, You Get Everything You Need

  • You can multiply your income easily by creating unlimited number store.
  • You can create 10 new stores easily every month. Just one click and your new stores are up and running.
  • You'll get 10 new premade templates every month, so you can create more stores in different niches and make them all look unique and attractive.
  • Traffic won't be a problem. Each of your stores will generate traffic with SEO articles on complete autopilot.
  • You'll gain instant access to a huge database refreshed monthly that list all the products that sell like crazy on Amazon.
  • You don't need to trade more of your precious time to earn a steady flow of passive income from Amazon. This is the real set and forgets solution you need.
  • You don't even need to hire a virtual assistant to create new stores for you. Just do a few simple clicks, and 10 stores are ready to work for you.
  • And more importantly, you'll have peace of mind knowing you're always one step closer to your success with your online business.

And More

Bonuses for StreamStore Club

Super Power

Stores Working 24/7 For You!


Full Length Video Series

You'll get access to our VIP Training that details the CORRECT WAY to maximize your earnings potential. We love providing our customers with the best training and this is top notch as usual.


Fast start guide

We've put together a great fast start guide to compliment the video series. This is for those of you that prefer to read instead of watching lengthy videos.

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30 days money back guarantee

Coupon Launch Period

20% Discount Coupon: yes20off

  • Unlimited Stores
  • 10 Done-for-you Template Stores per Month
  • Database Of Winning Products

unlimited stores

  • Build A network of stores
  • ZERO Advertising Costs
  • Shortcut To Earn big online



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