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For years now, a GIF of a lady consuming from a mug and virtually instantly sputtering out a really moist, poorly contained giggle has been a staple of the web. And, although she’s stayed quiet about her central function on this meme for a very long time, that lady has determined that now’s nearly as good a time as any for folks to know who she is.

Mel Journal talked to GIF-celebrity Elissa Slater, studying that she’s 35, works as a nutritionist in North Carolina, is “[pursing] a profession in orthopedic nursing,” and that the well-known clip comes from her time as one of many solid members of Large Brother’s fifteenth season again in 2013. (The article additionally comprises a clip from the episode the GIF pulls from, in case you’d wish to expertise the surreal feeling of seeing it in its correct context.) She was additionally consuming Sprite, it seems.

Slater isn’t too fussed in regards to the GIF—she says she’s change into used to seeing it on a regular basis as soon as it started to unfold extra broadly “roughly 4 years in the past” and that it’s only one on-camera instance of her “[tendency] to react to something absurd, severe, humorous, tense, or bizarre by guffawing.”
“I really like the GIF myself,” Slater says. “I like that folks use it on a regular basis and suppose it’s enjoyable that it’s gone tremendous viral.”
Her solely points with it are that folks maintain considering it’s Jennifer Lawrence and that corporations make numerous cash off of it whereas she isn’t paid in any respect. Slater says she’s glad there are “individuals who will tag me” to right the Lawrence misattribution, however she’s aggravated that her viral second “advantages Giphy and Twitter and all these platforms, but I don’t make any cash from it.”

Hear the distinction
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“I simply really feel like I ought to receives a commission or one thing for that, proper?” she asks,

Learn the remainder of the interview over at Mel Journal.

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