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The END OF AMAZON AFFILIATE?! – Amazon Cut back Fee Charges once more!

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Yesterday slashed the fee charges throughout a lot of the product classes. Is that this the tip of Amazon Associates? Is it the tip of affiliate marketings? What can we do!?

Properly, it’s not the tip – I clarify why not on this video.

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46 thoughts on “The END OF AMAZON AFFILIATE?! – Amazon Cut back Fee Charges once more!

  1. I am absolutely FED UP with promoting books and films with the Amazon Affiliate Progam links – yet not getting a SINGLE sale for months and months. Got so disillusioned that I just feel like packing it in. By the way, my genre is horror books and films.

  2. Well, I guess it's time to scrap my Amazon site. I purchased the Woozone pluging and theme but apparently that was a waste of money. I sell camping gear so REI would be awesome to work with. Just need to see if there are any plug-ins and themes that would make that process easier.

  3. Amazon will be one of the evil Mega companies in the futur its partners will suffer more and more and more. I've already complained about the 1 day cookie few month before. now this! its too bad all affiliates lies lmao AKA Reviews Based on SEO keyword search had gained a loyal costumers for amazon now the company give up on them on the first chance people are more likely to visit shop website because of the pandemic. this is so evil amazon

  4. Have to admit, amazon conversion rate is pretty awesome, i am trying different affiliate programs but none of them seems to giving me good results. if anyone knows good affiliate programs, let me know.

  5. What would you do if your site sells lots of different products in lots of different categories, my site isn't pinned down to one particular product? Also, my site doesn't get a huge amount of traffic pre covid it was at 250 per day, mostly to affiliate posts. Now its 70 per day. Hope you can reply, thanks. Stay safe everyone! 🙂

  6. Hey let me show you how to make 60K/month as an Amazon affiliate. Just buy my course for $2,000 and then only $199 a month! Lol, how many of these videos will disappear now?

  7. I’m so gutted about this! I’ve been working on my niche site for over 4 months solidly. Trying to ensure my content / tables / product boxes were in compliance with Amazon TOS 😶. I guess my saving grace is that it’s because the site is new there aren’t tonnes of links to change – but my worry is that the merchants won’t sign me up as I don’t yet have loads of content / traffic yet.
    I also wonder about ClickBank – if I found a product matched to my niche on there – can I use it within my site, or do you need a standalone funnel page for those types of product? Thanks for the video – It’s been really helpful!

  8. Hundreds of affialte youtubers pushed it.. Thousands of their viewers created it (i.e. affiliate websites)…Amazon has almost closed it.. 🤙 . Just like YouTube got flooded with creaters wanting money, so YouTube introduced tougher rules..The same with Amazon. Its the flooding of ppl driving this trend

  9. Hey man I love your content!! I am a brand new future affiliate marketing superstar, but for now can I ask you if you have or can you make some videos about the psychology of affiliate marketing? I am finding only half way decent how-to's everywhere, but I think that if we have the right psychology/mindset we will progress much faster in this area. Thank you for the good stuff man, keep it coming 💪

  10. Thank you for your video. I would like to know what you mean by selling merchandise on your website. Do you mean selling your own products, products from merchants (brand or ???) Sorry, my first language is French and I am not sure I understand fully.

  11. Hi Alex, I couldn't agree with you more, "who needs em? Lots of others out there to work with. It was only 3 days ago I decided to have a run at this affiliate marketing, you and Darly, and income school make it look so easy 🙂 a touch of sarcasm t brighten up your day, be good and safe 🙂

  12. Alex, what about AAWP? Have you thought about your future use of that service? Just curious… I have just installed Amalinks Pro with Genius Links but am now hesitant about continuing with changing over my links and am in two minds about ditching these altogether as I can’t see their worth given Amazon has dropped commissions to such low amounts.

  13. Why do Amazon's customers come to us first? Our good content tells them what to buy, otherwise they would simply go straight to amazon. Far more likely amazon can see a fall coming and it's damage limitation.

  14. Hi, first time viewer 🤓. Great content. FYI: REI is an incredible outdoor retailer been around for decades and has the best reputation for highest quality products, well-trained knowledge employees , and treats both employees and customers to the highest degree. They’re one of the few retailers that early on said they are no jumping onto the Black Friday on Thanksgiving madness and encourage families to spend the holiday off…as they do other holidays. If you ever get a chance to visit one of their stores do so. Have a great week!

  15. Thanks Alex for this Video. Amazon will totally eliminate their affiliate program in the next few months. In view of that, I am removing all of my amazon links before the commission fees drop.

  16. Great video! BTW, REI Co-op is probably the largest hiking/bicycling/climbing/etc lifestyle store in the USA. VERY reputable brick and mortar and online, I spend tons of money there!

  17. I'm kind of discouraged tbh just started getting some 500 visitors to my new website and made a few sales about 20$ a month for two months in a raw so it seemed to be going the right way especially that I'm in a country where change rates are 1 to 10 for a dollar so 500 $ is more than enough but anyway hanging to a dying branch is just ridiculous I'ma change affiliates and strategy

  18. It's time to promute products from smaller e-commerces and maybe more local too, but also to STOP to ORDER on Amazon and going elswhere! This company is not ethic in different aspects ! Never go again on this website, …maybe just to catch information, but it's at all!

  19. Hi Alex. Thanks for the video. I love REI. Didn't realize they had an affiliate program. I was wondering if you found any alternatives for the soil testing products? I guess some products will be harder than others. My wife suggested I start a business to compete with Amazon 😉 Can I borrow your magic wand? ha ha. As a computer programmer, I get stuff like that a lot.

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