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The Benefits of an Amazon Affiliate Account


Among other reasons, income from referral fees is perhaps the biggest factor why anyone would like to have an Amazon affiliate account. Launched in 1996, Amazon is one of the first to offer online affiliate marketing schemes through the Amazon Associates program. For more than a decade now, Amazon has established a reputation for creating solutions that will help website developers, owners, and Amazon merchants to generate more income by advertising the massive number of brand new and used products that Amazon and its subsidiaries sell online.

When you have an Amazon affiliate account, you can create links to Amazon through your blogs or your own website. You will then earn referral fees when users click through the links you provide, and subsequently buy items from Amazon. By referring the customers to a trusted and reliable site, you are actually providing them a convenient way to buy the products that you promote in your blogs or website. Amazon will pay up to 15% of the amount of sales made this way as referral fee, depending on the product type.

Joining the Amazon affiliate program is quick and easy. The system is also easy to understand and use. Once you sign up for an Amazon affiliate account, you can immediately start earning by taking advantage of their many retail promotions. You can also invite more traffic to your site by using the new and innovative features created by Amazon for leverage. To sum it up, here is how the system works in 3 easy steps.

  1. As an affiliate, you advertise various products on your website or blog, and provide links to Amazon.
  2. Visitors to your site or readers of your blogs follow the links.
  3. When these people buy from Amazon, you earn up to 15% in referral fees.

Aside from the commission or referral fees you earn, the following are some of the other reasons why it is beneficial to own an Amazon affiliate account.

  1. Amazon is a trusted website. – Most online users are familiar with the name and trust the brand enough to buy there. According to surveys, Amazon is one of the more popular online shopping sites where many people will be willing to spend a considerable amount of money on purchases. This makes it relatively easier to promote their products.
  2. A lot of online shoppers buy more than 1 item. Once people get to Amazon and they see the wide variety of products they offer, they end up buying other items aside from the one they initially came there for. The best part is you also earn a commission from sales of the other products, even if you do not directly promote them. You get paid for all the purchases made by your referrals while they are at Amazon, or within 24 hours from clicking your link.
  3. Amazon provides convenient payment options. There are various ways to get your earnings from your Amazon affiliate account. Aside from getting paid in cash or check, you can opt to be paid in kind. Your can redeem your earnings with the products they sell.

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