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So What Is Zamzuu?


If you are here looking at this review, you are probably in the Zamzuu business or looking at the opportunity. You are here to find out if Zamzuu is a scam and if you can really succeed with this business opportunity. I really want you to go over this whole article, because I will go into details about the company and the opportunity. Before I go any further I want to let you know that I am not a Zamzuu rep or customer and just giving you my honest review of the company.

Zamzuu is an offspring of the YTB business opportunity and are attacking the industry of online shopping. The concept makes sense since people are already doing it any way, but what makes Zamzuu different is that you make money when you buy and refer people to your shopping portal. There are stores like Macy, Best Buy, Target, Circuit City, Walmart and many other stores to make purchases through.

From a prospects stand point it is easy to understand how Zamzuu appeals to customers and Zamzuu reps. It is a very low start up cost with the potential to make residual income by referring other people to the opportiunity. They also have very strong leadership moving the business to bigger and better heights in the next few years, So you don’t have to worry about building your business and the company closing its doors anytime soon.

Now even though Zamzuu has everything set up in place for you to succeed, there are still people who are not going to succeed with this opportunity because what Zamzuu and every other mlm company don’t teach or tell their reps is that in order to make it in mlm today you have to understand the basics of marketing and what to really look for in the right prospects.

This is why when people don’t succeed with this opportunity they say that Zamzuu is a scam which it is not. What every top sponsor understands, that you don’t, is that you have to sell you incorporated and not the Zamzuu opportunity. When I sayadvertise you, I mean people join people and not opportunities regardless of product and compensation plan. Think about every opportunity that you have been involved with or looked at and ask yourself why you failed or what made you join. I know I joined my first opportunity because of my friend who I trusted and like said we can make money with my first opportunity.

So in closing remember that Zamzuu is not a scam and you have to put in the work to learn how to promote yourself and build your brand online. This is where it starts if you really want to have success with this great Zamzuu opportunity.

Source by Carl L Walker