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Taming The Internet With Transparency


Hello, and welcome to my stream of consciousness as I ponder the merits of online shopping. It’s a pleasant Sunday morning and the windows are open allowing a cool breeze to soothe my pounding head following too much Tequila last night.

As my hangover eases I am turning my thoughts to a new website that’s in its infancy after just a few days of life. Now I know I should be adding content the site but you know what they say “A change is as good as a rest” so here am free forming in the public domain.

Let’s not digress any longer and get to the meat of the subject. The internet is a big, scary place that offers so many opportunities but simultaneously presents an alarming number of hazards. Wouldn’t it be nice to minimise the threat and offer transparency in an all too often opaque world?

With this in mind, I decided to build my own website dedicated to offering shoppers solid, transparent advice on buying luxury watches online. Before you storm off, thinking there are millions of websites doing the same, let me tell you about my idea because it may help you if you’re searching an expensive watch brand.

If you’re anything like me, you love watches and dream of owning a top of the range luxury timepiece but the prices are ridiculous. I mean how can anyone justify spending a good proportion of their annual salary on a watch? That just doesn’t make sense, but what can be done about it?

The obvious answer would be to earn more money, which on the face of it sounds like the perfect solution. While I work on increasing my income which will take time and who knows how much time, perhaps an alternative solution is needed.

This is where a good honest transparent website is going to make a difference to your search and ultimately your wallet.

If you’re looking for spend a substantial amount of money you want a discount and someone with experience of dealing online discount watch stores, and advise you of the pros and cons. Someone who can offer reassurances about both the watches and the online stores themselves is really important.

While it’s true websites like this already exist they are quite difficult to find, so if you’re trying to find a genuine and honest review online try using the search:

Luxury Watch Reviews

This will give you a great selection of blogger reviews offering heaps of quality information.

What I strongly advise is you look for the person behind the site. Who are they and why are they doing it, apart from the money.

Do they have a ‘voice’? The voice should be honest and transparent, it should be coming from a grounded place in the real world where people aren’t rolling around in spare cash.

My advice is to find a voice from an average guy in the street who needs money to pay the mortgage and the occasional holiday. Too often reviewer is talking about how many (expensive) watches they own which leaves the reader feeling disconnected from the reviewer.

So the lesson today is using your resources to your advantage and work smarter, not harder. With just a small change in the way, you analyse your search results can give you a great advantage over those who MAY be trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

Remember what I said, find the ‘voice’ and be safe online.

Source by Carl Scutt