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4 Amazing Magento Themes for Your Online Store


Proper functioning, professional outlook and simple user-interface are some of the essential requirements of a business website. As potential clients and customers will be visiting your site, it will be good that you must create an easy to use website, that can be navigated in a hassle-free manner. With the help of an efficient & feature-rich portal will not only be able to enhance your business but will also be able to stay connected with your target audience.

Owners of e-commerce portals, completely understand the importance of having good-looking websites. Magento is a flexible and feature-rich e-commerce website development application that will help you in creating an attractive online store that will surely boost your product sales. The reason Magento is an obvious choice for building an e-commerce website, because it offers thousands of free and paid themes which will give a perfect outlook to your portal.

Beside this, you can also opt for a Magento Theme Customization option in which you can easily customize the theme as per your requirement. Well, you can browse through the various themes available on the Magento’s home page, and can easily choose the suitable one.

Given below is the list of highly responsive Magento themes which you can use for your online store:

1. T-Shirts Magento Theme: if you deal in urban clothing or customized t-shirt, then this theme is perfect for you. T-shirts theme comes with a fully functional slider bar, which you can customize by adding tabs like latest collections, hot deals, etc. Beside this, you can also add big banners to display ongoing sales & discounts. T-shirts is a fully responsive theme which is both PC and mobile friendly and allows users to familiarise themselves with the product in a really easy manner.

2. Infant Clothes Magento Theme: if your online store deals in infant clothing then this theme will surely going to enhance the look of your portal. This theme consists of several hand-drawn elements like borders, product labels, buttons and fonts, which adds an informal feel to this theme. Beside this, it also comes with social media integration which will allow you to promote your products on different social media platforms.

3. Extreme Sportswear Gear Magento Theme: if you are planning to setup an online store, that will be selling specialized sports-gear, then this theme will give a perfect outlook to your portal. This theme comes loaded with a vibrant color scheme and large image boxes, which can be used for displaying pictures of individuals engaged in different extreme sports. This theme is a great solution to increase the sales of any e-commerce portal dealing in sports gear and clothing.

4. Successful Auto Dealers Magento Theme: as its name suggest, this theme is meant for those who are engaged in the business of selling new and used cars. A professional looking template, with the combination of black, red and white color, this theme is an optimum choice that will assist any car shop in boosting sales and attracting new clients. Well it’s a multi-purpose theme, so you can also use it for online store that deals in bikes or car parts.

Well all these themes are the result of Magento Development Services which made this application a perfect platform to build an efficient online store that too in a hassle free manner.

Source by Janetta Ainslee

Top 7 Odoo Themes of 2017


The ultimate goal of any business owner is to get maximum number of visitors on the website and boost sales. But to be able to achieve that, one has to have a flawless website with apt information and enticing features. Entrepreneurs of today are always on the lookout for suite of business applications that can be incorporated with sales and marketing, accounting, and inventory management systems. This is where Odoo Ecommerce comes into the picture.

Odoo is filled with additional features, snippets and functionalities making it easy for you to build your online store. Take a look at some of the best Odoo ecommerce themes that will gain a lot of popularity in the year 2017. As these themes are built using Bootstrap 3 – a front-end framework that is admired for crafting mobile responsive stores, the Odoo store admins are sure to love them.

1. Crafito

This HTML5 based Multipurpose Theme has customized snippets that can help you to craft all the features of your Odoo store. And that too, in the most seamless way! You can modify product images, banners, shopping carts, product images, content etc. Craftico works the best when you want to build mobile responsive webstore. Take a look at some of the features below and become the artesian for your store.

2. Kingfisher Odoo Theme

Your store can now look exclusive with responsive and glamorous with Kingfisher Odoo theme. It doesn’t matter which industry your estore belongs to. All you need to do is incorporate this Odoo extension with your store and you will get an access to multiple features and benefits for your store. Here’s all that you can do by using this theme.

3. Peafowl Odoo Theme

Want to add panache to your estore? Consider buying Peafowl Odoo Theme and explore its dynamic and flexible features. If you estore is more about displaying images, this Odoo theme is your way to go. Its version is also updated at regular intervals giving you the freedom to optimize it from time to time. A glimpse at some of its features.

4. Kingfisher Pro Fashion Odoo Theme

Fashion store owners have a lot to gain out of Kingfisher Pro Fashion Odoo theme. You can get an access to multiple sliders, snippets and display product images to enhance the look and feel of your store. This theme is used by everyone right from clothing brand owners to estore owners of accessories. Here are some of the features that make this theme worth investing upon.

5. Falcon Odoo Backend Theme

Say goodbye to the mundane black and white backend themes and embrace this Odoo based user-friendly backend theme. By using Falcon Backend Theme, the admin can customize several features of the backend software including color, fonts and layouts by giving it a unique look. Let’s look into some of its features:

6. Furnito Odoo Theme

Owners of furniture estore can make the most out of ‘Furnito’ Odoo theme by integrating it into their current store. By doing so, they will be able to flaunt their furniture pieces in style. Whether you sell contemporary, ethnic, or modern furniture, this theme will fulfill all your display purposes. Here’s all that you can do by using this theme.

7. Mobicraft Theme

If you believe in owning a mobile responsive estore, consider incorporating Mobicraft Theme to your estore. It is one of the finest mobile based themes available in the market. Once you have installed this theme, you will be able to customize every aspect of your store including headers, footers, product pages, currency options and much more. Take a sneak peek into some of the best features rendered by this theme.

If you want to turn tables around for your business, get one of the above mentioned Odoo Themes for your business. They are customizable, stylish and user-friendly. What more could you ask for? Choose the most compatible theme for your business and get a good return on investment.

Source by Maulik D Shah