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Ecommerce Websites: 4 Factors That Make Them Successful


Want to create a successful ecommerce website? Start with applying basics of retail success into the website structure. What is necessary to run a successful ecommerce website is to follow what successful bricks-and-mortar retailers do. A good ecommerce website gives its visitors a happy online shopping experience. Below are some thumbs-up points that are considered to be benchmark for an ideal ecommerce site.

1) Positive Approach: As positive approach is crucial for a business if it wants to prosper, so is it pertinent to an online business. Unless an ecommerce site looks positive, products would hardly sell well however reasonably priced and nicely packaged they are. These days, finding a product on the web you are looking for is not a hard job at all and every retailer out there is with attractive offer in order to outsmart their competitors.

Regarding product offers, they are more or less equally competitive. What an ecommerce site owner needs to keep in mind is to make sure if his site is looking positive. For instance, integration of ‘product comparison’ feature into such a site would help in this regard.

2) Traditional Retail Store: Think of a traditional retail store while planning to build an ecommerce website. Such a store showcases products in its different suitable places and in the window to entice the customer inside. There are passageways leading to shelves of more products, all conveniently arranged for the customer.

3) Navigation: Key to ecommerce success is the incorporation of good navigation system. Upon arriving at your ecommerce site, your visitors would certainly like to have convenient shopping experience as they enjoy it while shopping in a traditional retail store. To ensure it, make product visibility good and integrate an easy-to-follow pathway (read interfaces). Also, make sure your site allows visitors examine products and compare them with other products.

4) Easy Product Access: Ecommerce websites should allow their visitors access product and their information easily. Unlike instant buying of products and bringing them home straight from bricks-and-mortar store, online shoppers need first to explore stores, compare products and product offers, and then place purchase orders. They don’t receive their purchased products instantly. Here, back-end activity is very vital as front-end of such site is. It is necessary for an ecommerce site owner to arrange the supply and distribution system of his product properly before his site goes ‘live’. An ecommerce website owner must be able to deliver on his promise to the customer.

Conclusion: There are many instances of untimely collapse of many ecommerce ventures. Carelessness of the site owners to secure supply and distribution system of their products ahead of time has been mentioned as the primary reason for their collapse. Indeed, online shoppers have valid reasons to complain against those ecommerce websites that fail to fulfill their commitment or deliver their products in reasonable amount of time. Delayed delivery makes shoppers disgruntled. Chances are good they will never buy anything from those websites again, no matter how politely website owners ask for apology to them.

Source by Joy Kumar Das