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7 Great Bench Marking Disciplines In Digital Marketing Success – You Should Never Share on Twitter


“Integrity is the moment of choice. Quality of life depends on what happens in the space between stimulus and response” -Dr. Stephen R Covey

“Quality begins with the intent, which is fixed by management. Quality is everyone’s responsibility”- Edward Deming

“Quality is never an accident and it is an action of intelligent efforts” – John Ruskin

So, striving to be the best of the best is mandatory and, we must implement the Benchmarking blue prints and Benchmarking Process in our every endeavors in Digital Marketing Leadership Journey with the long-term perspective of success in Financial Freedom.

The Objectives of Benchmarking includes:

(a) To aim at Goal Setting process to facilitate comparison with the best.

(b) Motivating and stimulating employees for improved performance and turn energy towards Single Focus.

The benefits are:

(I) It enables the best practices into the Benchmarking functions

(ii) To perform and implement benchmarking findings

(iii) Identify a technological breakthrough such as adopting a bar code practices in Grocery Industry.

(iv) The communication of benchmarking is invaluable for future professional growth.

(v) Helps in meeting effectiveness with end-user or customer requirements.

(vi) Helps in determining true measure of productivity and effectiveness.

(vii) Attain a competitive position.

(vii) Become aware of and search for industry best practices.

(viii) To see outside the box and be creative

The Process of Benchmarking are as follows and can be explained in 5 STEPS:


Planning involves the benchmarking investigations by asking 5W-1H questions i.e. What, When, Where, Why, Who and How so as to comprehend:

(a) What can be Benchmarked?

(b) To Whom or What shall we Compare?

© Determine data collection method and collect data


Analysis must involve a careful understanding of current process and to determine the GAP and future performance levels can be done in 2 steps:

(a) Determine the current performance ‘Gap’. Benchmarking Process is a comparative Analysis and the gap provides an objective basis on which to act to close the gap or capitalize on a positive note.

(b) Project Future Performance Levels: Benchmarking should be a continuous process so that the performance is constantly recalibrated to ensure superiority.

III. INTEGRATION: is the process of using benchmark findings to get operational targets for change.i.e.

(a) Communicate Benchmark findings and gain acceptance

The designed action plan has to be continuous as the competitor is also updating the strategies. Benchmark findings must be communicated to all organizational levels to obtain support, commitment and ownership.

(b) Establish functional Goals:

On the basis of communicated data and acceptance of analysis, we should develop the functional goals and achieve the benchmarking process.

IV. ACTION: After integration, action phase starts:

(a) Implement specific action and monitor progress.

(b) Recalibrate Benchmarks: The updating may require the recalibration of the competitive benchmarking data and it should reflect what your competitor is doing.

V. MATURITY: would be reached when best industry practices are incorporated in all business processes, thus ensuring superiority and that becomes a powerful confirmation of a benchmark.

At the end of the day, the ethical and moral strategies combined by persistence, humility and high integrity is the Moral Victory in the manufacturing industries or Services organization.

These Benchmarking Processes must be implemented in all spheres of Digital Marketing Leadership and in earning a consistent income or revenue and thus we can have a smooth transition to financial freedom through recurrent and continuous learning process and training.

Now, in order to be specific in the disciplines of Digital Marketing Revenue and Financial Success, you must consistently train at your pace in the following mastery with every planning in writing in your Vision or Journal:

(1) Mobile Focused Advertising Plan – as majority of your visitors are visiting your websites through mobiles.

(2) Affiliate Marketing Mastery – especially a proper exposure to different well-reputed Affiliate Marketing revenue drawing products sites such as Rakuten, Shareasale, CJ (commission Junction), and Click Bank and of course the most elite affiliate marketing is Amazon Affiliate Marketing Mastery.

(3) FBA Amazon Seller Account Training and how to set it up training and mastery.

(4) SEO tips, Techniques, principles and Strategies Mastery

(5) CMS (Content Management System Mastery Plan) – i.e. having a thorough and extensive training how the WordPress software building platform works with the intent to know all the free tools available at the back end (you as an admin user) and the front user set up tools one by one, and step by step at your own pace.

(6) Social Media Marketing Plan: Have a yearly Plan what to post in each of the Social Media Marketing channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinerest, Blogs, Quora, LinkedIn and so on. You should clearly comprehend the ‘how to’ use all these channels appropriately and master each one separately.

(7) Have a clear vision and Mission statement already written in your Life Vision Book.

(8) Payment Gateways is one of the set ups taken for granted. Whenever you choose a Payment Gateways, make sure it has the following:

(a) Payment Gateways is reliable and authentic and retains its integrity to both customers and yourself.

(b) Payment Gateways always must have a 2-Way Verification Process.

© Payment Gateways must be embedded with One Time Password preferably on your mobile device.

(d) Seldom encourage Payment Gateways that has one-way security because every time a transaction is done, we must ensure our money is safe and our customers too are safe thus ensuring 2-way verification process through your email id and mobile device via One Time Password.

Beware of the hackers, who steal information and beware of cyber criminals. We must pursue our Digital Online Marketing Journey which is inevitable yet ensure 100% security to yourself and your clients and customers always.

Get wiser, shrewd and let God do the rest when your intents are right.

(e) Payments Gateways must have a standard US account or UK account which is embedded to your current local account so that you either with the Master or Visa Card or online transactions, you can withdraw the money back to your local account. A good reliable one I can think of is for e.g. Payoneer.

Alternatively, research for banks in your own country that is the most reliable and can take care of international financial collaboration and safety.

One Quality Bank I can be so proud of is the State Bank of India, which I vouchsafe and endorse as one of the best banks in India and soon going to be one of the best banks in the world because SBI (State Bank of India) both online and offline ensure extremely high integrity with clients and customers.

They nurture and defend each customer’s security just like a seedling or a baby must be nurtured and protected.

I wind with a statement of Stephen Covey:

“Trust is the Glue of Life. It’s the Most Essential Ingredient in Effective Communication. It’s the Foundational Principle that holds All Relationships.”

Please watch the video of Robert Camp on Benchmarking Process on YouTube.

(Source: Dr. D. D. Sharma (Total Quality Management – Principles, Practice and Cases)

Source by Yasmin Muhammad Elias

How to Find Business Partners to Increase Your Online Business Success


If you are a solopreneur – there’s just you in your business – you will need help from other businesses of some kind. You’ll need advertising materials, a website, a delivery system (depending on your niche) and so on.

Few people have the knowledge to perform all those services for themselves. The solution is to find providers for each specific niche that you need within the online B2B Marketplace.

You may need additional money for your business. There again, locating business partners through business networks is the solution.

Let us say you want to create an E-commerce store selling your hand-painted pottery. You could hire someone to build a custom-coded website for you (using a provider from such B2B Marketplace sites as Fiverr or Upwork (which has absorbed ODesk and Elance) and

Or you could partner with companies that offer “associate” programs in your niche. For example, you can create an e-commerce store on eBay, to sell anything you like from your own books to used books, tools, jewelry, sporting equipment and so on. You could also partner with, or

Other global companies offer affiliate opportunities. Basically, they will pay you to create a business presence online in order to help them market their goods and services. How can you find these affiliate opportunities? Join a business networking site, and learn from those who already participate in such programs.

Using freelance marketplace portals to find talented individuals is one form of business partnering, but it is in an on-demand basis. You use these individuals only as you need them, and the portal that provides their services. Since freelancers work for a variety of people, they may not be available the next time you need them, so you have to find a new provider.

Finding business partners outside of these marketplace portals, that you can partner with officially, solves this difficulty.

For example, shipping costs from one country to another country can be prohibitive unless you “drop-ship”, meaning you send your product to a partner in another country, and that company stores the product and sends it out as needed to people in-country who order the product.

People, or companies, who offer such services can be found on B2B Marketplace sites.

To find these B2B Marketplace sites, simply do a web search on that term. Then, simply search through the results to find a site that offers business services in your particular niche. A B2B Marketplace site is in essence a business network, and networking is the key to expanding your business into the global market.

Business partners located in different areas around the world can also help you advertise your business, in particular your e-commerce business and make it known throughout the world.

Source by Tamara Vuorinen

Tips for the Success of Your Drop-Shipping Business


In almost all fields, the internet has introduced a lot of opportunities. Today, you don’t have to follow the conventional brick and mortar methods in order to promote your products and services and earn your livelihood. Promoting your business and making a lot of money has never been this convenient. Therefore, it is a good idea that you get the most out of the resources offered by the world wide web. In this article, we are going to talk about dropshipping and how you can do it with great success.

If you have been looking for a web-based money-making opportunity, you may consider dropshipping. At first, it may seem a complicated idea. But in reality, it is not that complicated to start your ecommerce business that can help you to make tons of money.


With dropshipping, you can simplify the online marketing process. If you can run a website like Shopify and Amazon but don’t have the essentials such as a warehouse for inventory, then drop-shipping can work for you. As a matter of fact, dropshipping is a great way to run your online businesses.

Dropshipping allows you to promote and sell your products even if you don’t have a warehouse for your goods. All you need to do is be familiar with the supplier that can produce goods and store them for you. On the other hand, you will have to deal with the customers. If something goes wrong, you will be held accountable.

It is true that dropshipping does not offer guaranteed success unless you have proper resources and tools at your disposal. If you want to earn a profit, you need to keep an eye on a lot of variables.

Use the Right Tools

For the success of your dropshipping business, you may want to look for the right methods and tools. You can use this fire tools in order to to keep an eye on the patterns of the market and the moves of your competitors.

It is also important to promote the right products on your webpage store. And don’t forget to do it at the right time. With spy tools, you can find it easier to make the decision and stay tuned to the most recent trends.

Like any other business choosing the right tools and deciding on the best strategies is not easy in case of a dropshipping business. Although trial and error is a proven strategy for any type of business, doing a little bit of research goes a long way.

Nowadays, there are a lot of spy tools that can help you find out about the strategies your competitors are using. Based on your needs and budget, you can buy the right type of software for your dropshipping business.

You may have to be patient as your dropshipping business may take a while to flourish. Keep in mind that you have to sell those products that consumers demand. You can also choose a software program to make it easier for you to understand the demand and supply concept.

So, if you want to achieve success as a drop-shipping business owner, we suggest that you keep these tips in mind and choose the right type of tools.

Source by Dhanusuya K

Top Ecommerce Platforms for Success of Online Stores


With the help of ecommerce platform providers, it has become easy to build an online store. However, to grab the attention of customers and convince them to buy from your online store needs more efforts.

In spite of the neck to neck competition in the ecommerce industry, you may have noticed that some online stores manage to gain the attention of customers. How do these online stores manage to choose the top ecommerce platforms which would help them in effectively selling the wide category of products? What are the tips that help the ecommerce platforms to being the favorite choice of the online store owners?

Let’s take a look at the 4 helpful tips which can help in achieving success.

Eye catching ecommerce website templates- It’s not just the variety of products that attract the customers but also the attractive website. Beautiful design themes should be a part of your website as it is necessary for creating an engaging site. Also providing facility to optimize themes across various devices and providing convenient ways for shopping can be a cherry on the cake. This can be achieved by implementing the UI/ UX techniques which help in building up an engaging website.

Make your brand mobile ready- Top ecommerce platforms ensure that the power of mobile commerce is utilized in a smart way. In an era where mobile phones have become a necessity for almost every one of us, creating mobile friendly website can’t be missed at all. The online websites need to be easily accessible from all the basic to high-level mobile devices. Store owners can leverage the latest technology to build a quick loading site and provide the best shopping experience to the customers on their mobile phones.

Utilizing the power of social media- Visiting various social media sites is a part of the daily routine of almost each and every customer. Apart from being connected to friends and family, people use social media to look for various products that they need. Top ecommerce platforms provide the facility of integration with various social media channels and carefully analyze the visitors and followers which is itself a good marketing strategy. Depending on the preference of your customers, you can arrange various contests and offer discounts to encourage the customers to buy from your store..

Offering a personalized touch with the marketing deals- One of the best ways to create a reputation for your online store is by engaging the customers with multiple channels and offering them a personalized touch. Keeping the customers updated regarding the new product launches, offers, deals etc using the browser and PUSH notifications, SMS, emails can help in better sales. It becomes easy to pull the customers back to your site using these effective marketing tools.

There are several top ecommerce platforms on the market that provides various features that can help you create an online store. Analysing the requirements and target of your online business is the first step to do before choosing a suitable platform.

Source by Gaurav Jain