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Taming The Internet With Transparency


Hello, and welcome to my stream of consciousness as I ponder the merits of online shopping. It’s a pleasant Sunday morning and the windows are open allowing a cool breeze to soothe my pounding head following too much Tequila last night.

As my hangover eases I am turning my thoughts to a new website that’s in its infancy after just a few days of life. Now I know I should be adding content the site but you know what they say “A change is as good as a rest” so here am free forming in the public domain.

Let’s not digress any longer and get to the meat of the subject. The internet is a big, scary place that offers so many opportunities but simultaneously presents an alarming number of hazards. Wouldn’t it be nice to minimise the threat and offer transparency in an all too often opaque world?

With this in mind, I decided to build my own website dedicated to offering shoppers solid, transparent advice on buying luxury watches online. Before you storm off, thinking there are millions of websites doing the same, let me tell you about my idea because it may help you if you’re searching an expensive watch brand.

If you’re anything like me, you love watches and dream of owning a top of the range luxury timepiece but the prices are ridiculous. I mean how can anyone justify spending a good proportion of their annual salary on a watch? That just doesn’t make sense, but what can be done about it?

The obvious answer would be to earn more money, which on the face of it sounds like the perfect solution. While I work on increasing my income which will take time and who knows how much time, perhaps an alternative solution is needed.

This is where a good honest transparent website is going to make a difference to your search and ultimately your wallet.

If you’re looking for spend a substantial amount of money you want a discount and someone with experience of dealing online discount watch stores, and advise you of the pros and cons. Someone who can offer reassurances about both the watches and the online stores themselves is really important.

While it’s true websites like this already exist they are quite difficult to find, so if you’re trying to find a genuine and honest review online try using the search:

Luxury Watch Reviews

This will give you a great selection of blogger reviews offering heaps of quality information.

What I strongly advise is you look for the person behind the site. Who are they and why are they doing it, apart from the money.

Do they have a ‘voice’? The voice should be honest and transparent, it should be coming from a grounded place in the real world where people aren’t rolling around in spare cash.

My advice is to find a voice from an average guy in the street who needs money to pay the mortgage and the occasional holiday. Too often reviewer is talking about how many (expensive) watches they own which leaves the reader feeling disconnected from the reviewer.

So the lesson today is using your resources to your advantage and work smarter, not harder. With just a small change in the way, you analyse your search results can give you a great advantage over those who MAY be trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

Remember what I said, find the ‘voice’ and be safe online.

Source by Carl Scutt

Quick and Easy Ways to Make Money Online With Satellite Internet


The internet has become a certifiable cash cow. Many people are embracing the internet lifestyle. Basically, they work from the comfort of their home, (or with a satellite internet hookup they can work from anywhere in the world), they put in few hours and they make loads of cash (the beach front view is optional). It’s a great way to live for those who want to escape the grind of 9 to 5.

The best part of the (satellite) internet lifestyle is the freedom. Internet entrepreneurs are their own bosses. They make their own hours. They control how their business works. They aren’t shilling for anyone else. They don’t work for the man. So just how do they do it?

Well, if you’ve got a high speed internet connection, there are an infinite number of ways to make money.

One of the most popular ways to earn money online is through affiliate marketing. Basically, you allow an advertisement for a product or service to be placed on your site or blog and the cash comes rolling in. Every time a sale is made via a click from your site, you get a percentage of the sale. One of the more popular affiliate services out there today is Clickbank.

A lot of people make some extra cash by selling merchandise online. You can easily auction off your collection of vintage toys or first edition books on eBay and make a killing. If you’re the crafty type, you can hawk your wares on Etsy, a site dedicated to handmade artifacts. You can also sell your stuff on Amazon.

Or you can build your own online store. For those who don’t have any programming skills, Yahoo! Merchant Solutions is a great way to get started. They provide the infrastructure for handling payments and displaying your products. You just do the selling and watch as the cash rolls in.

Advertising is another way to go and it’s basically an effortless stream of revenue. For instance, with Google Adsense, you get contextual ads slapped on your blog or website and each time someone clicks on the ad, you get money. Adbrite is another similar ad network.

If you’ve got some writing skills you can write articles for PaidContent or DemandStudios. You can also offer your services on freelance job sites like Elance and ClicknWork.

Or start a blog. Come up with excellent posts on a consistent basis, build up a loyal audience, and the traffic, and thus the money will follow. With good ad placement you’ll be able to make a fine living.

If you’re a graphic designer or filmmaker there are tons of sites out there that offer money for your work. Eefoof, for example, will pay video makers, based on their traffic stats. Cafepress allows designers to submit T-shirt ideas for free. They collect any profits made from shirts sold with their design.

Know someone who’d be perfect for a job? Refer them and collect the rewards. Many job sites pay people for making referrals.

These are just a few ideas for making money on the web. Remember with a high speed satellite internet connection, the possibilities are endless.

Source by Moira Jansen

Make Money Online – Do You Have These Seven Must-Read Internet Marketing Books?


Have you ever thought about why you want to make money online?

People have different goals. If you answer: “for the money“, you should rethink your goal. You can make money a lot of other ways than online. And it is not even sure that you are able to make money online.

If your answer is: “for the freedom“, “for the life style” or “for more time with my family“, you are on the right way.

In order to make enough money online to get you the freedom or spare time, you want, you should learn about Internet marketing. And here are seven of the must-have and must-read books that can teach you enough to get started:

#1 – “AdSense Secrets 4” by Joel Comm

Google’s ads, called AdSense, is one of the better and easier ways to make money online. But adding the ads to your site takes some knowledge, if you want to gain money from them.

Joel Comm’s book about AdSense is a must-read. If you only get one book about Internet marketing, then get this one.

#2 – “The Amazing Formula That Sells Products Like Crazy” by Marlon Sanders

Read this book, before you start making your own product!

It helped me sell for a couple of thousand dollars of information products in one weekend, just by implementing one of the ideas from the book.

#3 – “Confessions of a Lazy Super Affiliate” by Chris Rempel

After you have read this book, you will know that there is only one way to sell affiliate products. Surely, you can get lucky and sell in other ways, but the real money comes from doing it with the simple method, described in the book.

And it is almost setup-and-forget, so this is a program for the lazy affiliate.

#4 – “16-Minute Speed-Reading Audio Program” by Marvin Haycock

This has nothing to do with Internet marketing, and in fact, it is not even a book. But you will be reading lots of books and e-books on your journey to freedom, so why not do it fast and effectively?

#5 – “The Mini Site Formula” by Joel Peterson

Another “non-book”… It is mostly a video course, but you get the transcript, and it is a must-learn product!

This is a new way to do Internet marketing. You find the products, people already buy, and help them make the decision.

#6 – “Instant Article Creation Templates” by Jeff Heering

Article marketing plays a big part in being an Internet marketer, and you should learn from the best. Get the article templates from Jeff Heering, and you have already done 3/4 of your work with articles.

#7 – “Seven Secrets to Ezine Domination” by Rob Howard

More about articles… The message in this video course is “make it short – make it hot”. Forget about long and boring articles. And you also get great tips for the author bio box.

I have read maybe thousands of e-books about Internet marketing, and I have been inspired and/or impressed by many of them. Make your own list of favourite books, or just read a few, but whatever you do:

Use what you learn – take action!

Source by Sarah Aston

How to Sell Amazon Products on the Internet


Amazon is one of the Internet’s most trusted businesses. They were also one of the first companies to create affiliate programs. Now, they have thousands of affiliates selling literally millions of dollars of goods per month. (I’m one of them!) Amazon’s affiliate program is very well run, and the products they sell are virtually always stuff people want to buy. Becoming an Amazon affiliate is something you definitely want to consider. If you’re new to the internet marketing field, then Amazon is a great place to start.

In order to start selling Amazon product, the first thing you need to do is to become an Amazon affiliate. To do that, go to Amazon’s home page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and look at the navigation links. Find the link that says “Join Associates”. Click that and follow the instructions.

Once you’re signed up with Amazon, you need to pick a type of product to sell. Amazon has a “hot items” list. That’s a great place to get ideas for what you want to sell. Also, has a similar page, where they list their most frequent searches. Settle on a product, or products, to sell. If this is you’re first time selling stuff on the Internet, don’t worry too much about the details. Just choose three types of products that interest you. The goal at first is to learn all the new skills you’ll need to make this whole thing work.

When you’ve chosen your product, you’ll need a web page with product information on it. You can do this on your own website with your own web host, or you can use a Web 2.0 platform like Squidoo, Hubpages, or Weebly.

Once you get your web page built, you’ll want people to visit your website. The reason people are going to come to your site and click through it to Amazon’s site is because you’re offering them information they need. Ideally, your content on your website needs to provide people with information about your products that they would have some difficulty finding on their own.

If you really want to get good traffic from search engines, then you’ll need to do a keyword phrase analysis of your main topic. You can do this using Google’s external keyword tool, or WordTracker’s free tool. Choose the highest ranked keywords, then write pages that focus on those keywords. These will have a better chance of ranking well in the search engine results.

Now that you have traffic, your task is to convert that traffic into sales. If you’re written helpful content for your website, a decent number of your visitors should convert to sales.

Source by Lee Cole

Make Money Online With Your Own Internet Business


The Make Money Farce

You have seen them and probably received thousands of them since you have begun internet marketing. They come out the wood works, don’t they? Opportunities promising that you too can make money online with little to no effort. You then invest your money into the opportunity only to find out there aren’t any pies in the sky… only the cold hard reality that you just spent some of your rent money on someone’s new car.

Yes, this is the reality many internet marketers face. I have been there. I started in this business with my father and let me tell you… we have seen every scam under the sun. Why? Because we were those people who had a dream and wanted to help other people through success only to find out there ain’t no free lunch in business. The cold hard truth is that “business is business”. Period. There are a million work from home opportunities contrived each year. There are many more gullible individuals who buy into the dream. In the end, they are left like me and my dad… a few thousand dollars shorter.

But, It’s Online And It Has To Be TRUE

Here is a revelation. People who scam lie. They don’t just lie a little, its more like lie a lot. They want you to trust them, and to believe their story. But when it comes to delivering… well. You know. You’ve been there a thousand and one times. You’ve spent your money on the magic potions of the internet only to realize that you are out of money and now have a rash (the legendary rash of discouragement).

I’m not here to sell you a pie in the sky. I am here to be your jolt of reality. Sleeper, it’s time to wake up! The internet is not some new invention that defies the laws of business. It is business on steroids. Imagine the business rules you know and then multiply them by the sheer volume of variables now introduced by the online component. The internet can allow you to become very wealthy or very broke.

So… Can I Make Money Online Or Not?!

You can young Jedi. I know some of the things I’ve said may be a little cheeky but I am serious. There is no money like “internet business” online money. The thing is you have to see it for what it is. Your internet business is just that… a business. Do not enter the online business field with any other mindset than “I am going to run MY business”.

There is nothing more rewarding and satisfying professionally then running your own business. And if ran right, your internet business can feed you and your family. You may be looking for quick ways to make money. Once you setup your business depending upon the model you use the money can come quick. It all comes down to you and your imagination. Add hustle, grind, and grit and you got something.

Source by Eugene Barber