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Custom eCommerce development from Verecom ensure that your website is built with a sound business strategy and cutting edge development technologies. Our experienced project managers work closely with you to create a clear strategy with well-defined goals and objectives before we build your website.

Whether you are looking for creating a brand new eCommerce website or optimizing an existing site, our team of eCommerce Solutions and designers will develop your dream eCommerce website that delivers an engaging online experience for your customers and maximizes your conversions.

At Evince Development offers solution to those who would like to sell their products and services online. E-Commerce is a field that requires an experience and a day to day operation in setting up the store. We have a highly experienced team that will help you out in setting up the store and our technical maintenance team to help you if you face any problems in your day to day operation. They will help you out if you have any problems in handling frontend or backend or if you face any technical issues.

E-commerce is usually handled through a shopping cart system in which customers select products and purchase them using a charge card. There are many variations to this model depending on how a company does business. For example, a business that only sells downloadable software can use a simple cart system. A company with an inventory and that ships physical products will need a more complicated e-commerce Web site to connect with its supply chain and shipping services.

eCommerce Web Design & Website Development:-

When it comes to eCommerce websites, or an eCommerce redesign, you need a partner that is focused and experienced in providing companies the best in professional e-Commerce web design solutions. With a team of experts under one roof.

Evince Development’s goal is provide you with all of the necessary design, development and marketing services you need to be successful online. We’ve worked on hundreds of eCommerce projects and know what it takes to get sales. Utilizing responsive web design, our eCommerce website are optimized for desktop, mobile and tablet viewing. With platform features such as unlimited products and categories, to a secure one- page checkout, we make online shopping easy for customers and easy to manage for website owners.

From selling a product or subscription, to taking payments for a service, our team can develop the custom eCommerce website perfect for your business. There is no limit to what your eCommerce site can achieve when providing your products or services online.

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Stay Ahead by Choosing the Right Mobile App Development Company


An application can offer versatility and accessibility for any company. Business is changing direction and finding its way onto mobile phones, rather than traditional desktop computers, and you can stay ahead of the curve with the help of Mobile App Development Companies. It’s very important that your websites are compatible for viewing on a mobile phone, but it’s even better if you give your customers access to a personalized application for your business to access on their smart phones or tablets.

In the age of DIY it seems that there are tutorials for everything and you’ll even find some suited to the topic of iPhone application development. However, using professional iOS app developers will set you above the DIY-ers for a number of reasons. There are so many skilled mobile app development companies, who want to help your website, business, and basic vision reach its full potential and please the masses. Don’t be fooled by WikiHow, it’s harder than it looks and the touch of a real professional can make a drastic difference in the development of your iPhone app.

With the help of a Mobile App Development Company the process can be simple. They will provide you with a high quality, efficient service that can change the way you do business. Having a professional convert your website into an iOS application or build your dream application to your specific vision will exceed your expectations. Your specific needs, relating to the development of an iOS app, can be addressed by professionals and they can complete the process for you so that they are your one stop solution for media creation and conversion.

After your project is completed and the application is complete you can upload the iOS application to the Apple store and let your customers start downloading the new mobile app. Once it’s in the app store you should make sure that your application meets all of your requirements and then is successfully showcased in the app store so that your customers can quickly access your new app.

The new and improved iOS 7 is more prepared to run and support apps across a broad range of styles and formats so that you have even more flexibility in the design process. Creating and developing an iOS application can be a lot of fun and working with iOS mobile app developers is a neat experience because they can turn your vision into a reality.

iPhone app development can only have positive effects for your business if the product that you put out to your customers and potential clients is worth presenting. Glitchy apps that crash or apps that look unclear or untrustworthy in their layout and design can negatively impact a company’s reputation and spread a negative stigma about your legitimacy. Consumers take applications very seriously as they are now being used almost in place of traditional desktop websites and modules. It’s important that you take charge of your business and are serious about your commitment to producing the best iOS app that you can to draw in consumers and broaden your media presence.

Not only can your customers receive faster, clearer, and more effective information and marketing, but you can also use it as a tool for recruitment, publicity, and membership incentives or even make money with in-application advertising. Apple products are especially great because the app store is so easy to use and apps can be downloaded on phones and tablets for easy access. The opportunities are endless and an iOS App developed by mobile app development companies can help you benefit from this promising media outlet.

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WordPress Development – Shopify Development Company


For an Entrepreneur or an Organization who are growing there any business should keep their hands-on production creation, marketing strategies and growth plans. Website building includes certain areas like colors, style guide, redesign, typography, responsive and SEO.

A recent study steered by Harvard Business Review is that what strategies should be used to attract buyers to buy the products and service from a specific website which can help in gaining the trustworthiness of the that buyer.

What is Web Design Architecture?

That’s means everything related to your website. It consists of content process like; the way it looks, the way it works, logo design, building, web development, conceptualizing, layouts, colors, graphics, text style.

There are plenty of options to build a professional website. If someone doesn’t have any knowledge of design and development application, or HTML programming language, then it doesn’t mean you can’t create website there many other options and ways which can help in creating a good professional layout:

Developing a Professional Website Design for Your Online Business

While developing a Website one need a strong domain name like Amazon, eBay. Professional encounters the need for their customers/ visitors. Web Design should be easy to use to understand its contents which results in building a good relationship with their visitors.

No matter how attractive and tempting is your website; it should code in a way that SEO can read it and show up on search engine operation pages. All pages should be simple by telling the visitors what they are really looking for; rather than adding confusing and unnecessary item.

Different Elements

User Friendly Web Design

User friendly Web design can be creating by keeping in mind the following factors:

Web Design plays a great role in the success of your business. Web Design professionals use good planning and analysis by keeping in mind the client`s specifications and tries to create a simple but elegant Web Design.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using Service Of Shopify Development Company?


You get to create a beautiful and brand-consistent store. Aside from your products, customers and buyers also concentrate on your online store’s look and feel. A neat-looking design and user-friendly interface boost your store’s credibility and reputation directly. On the opposite hand, a poorly designed and unresponsive site will drive potential buyers away.

Fortunately, Shopify has over 100 professionally-made themes from which you’ll choose between. The themes are classified consistent with different industries (clothing & fashion, jewellery, electronics, toys & games, furniture, etc.) so you’ll make certain to seek out one that suits your business. once you hire Shopify developers and designers, you’ll turn these themes into something better-something that aligns with your brand.

Shopify Experts India developers are going to be ready to customize your theme using their skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Liquid. Moreover, Shopify development company India because of the Bootstrap framework, can make your store’s design responsive on all devices.

Benefits Of Shopify Experts:

Guaranteed Results

When you hire the Shopify Experts India team, they’re going to always put their best foot forward and supply you with work that justifies their reputation. Their work is stupendous. After taking all of your demands into consideration, getting to they’re going to come up with something that’s going to both, surprise and please you. They will think outside the box and provides you results that aren’t only getting to cause you to happy but also increase the standard of your online store. All of this happens due to what proportion importance they place on delivering quality work to their customers.

Better Functionality- Shopify development company India

have the power to extend the functionality offered by Shopify templates and mould them consistent with your requirements. this extra functionality could be the thing you would like to require your business to the subsequent level.

Help merchants

After all, an expert’s main job is to assist people, right? By sharing your knowledge with others, you’ll learn faster and sharpen your skills. Besides, it is a great way to gradually build your image as a trusted source of useful information to Shopify merchants. You can help merchants within the Shopify Community, big e-commerce forums and groups, and even on Reddit and Quora.

Quality Work

The experts of Shopify experts India make sure that the work they are doing has a class so that you’ll have the utmost number of satisfied customers. Whether you would like to urge your online store customized or get digital marketing finished your online store, confirm that everything is OK from head to toe.

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How an Online Company Store Can Help Build Your Brand


Do you have a new business and are looking for ways to get your brand established in the market place? Maybe you already have an established company and just looking for ways to promote your brand and expand your marketing efforts? One fun and creative way to get the word out is through the use of promotional products with your company’s logo on them.

Brand Recognition through Promotional Products

Harness the power of brand recognition. The best marketers know that brand recognition is the secret ingredient for a company’s long-term success. That success relies not on the latest fad, but on the careful cultivation of a brand your customers know and trust. The sky is the limit to the types of products you can promote with our company logo or brand. Examples include frisbees, t-shirts, pens, mugs, golf balls, calculators, umbrellas, thumb drives and more!

Online Company Store

You most likely already have a website for your company with details about your products, services, mission statement, etc. Many companies set up a separate online company store site just to sell and promote their logoed promotional products mostly to their employees but also to the public. This separate online company store will provide a solution to successfully managing your brand. You can then consolidate all of your marketing materials (brochures, leaflets, organizers, and so forth) to be a consistent representation of your brand.

Most business owners are too busy to worry about acquiring logo merchandise and all of the order processing involved. Go with a company that offers a turnkey solution and will take all of the headache out of this from product selection, processing your orders, fulfillment, tracking and reporting information.

Employee Recognition and Incentive Programs

Another benefit of getting an online company store to promote your brand is for employee recognition, employee incentives and employee rewards programs. Many companies reward their employees by giving them points or a budget to spend in the online company store. Employees feel appreciated when they get high quality logoed promotional products and getting those products out there in the public strengthens the overall company brand. So this marketing approach is a win-win for all!

Think outside the box when coming up with ways to both promote your brand and show employee recognition. You could set up a site and let employees spend a certain amount based on number of years of service. You could let them earn points based on reaching company goals which could be spent in the store or simply let them order promotional products as needed for company events, tradeshows, etc.

In summary, setting up an online company store with high quality logoed promotional products and a turnkey operation to deliver those products will help your company boost its overall brand recognition and ultimate success.

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