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A 7-Step Guide to Hiring Drupal Developers


If you have recently decided to build a new website or revamp the existing one on Drupal, then you would probably require to hire Drupal developers to realize your plan. Depending on the specific requirements and complexities of your project, you may need to hire just one specialist for not-so-complicated fixes, a few dedicated Drupal programmers to bolster your present IT team, or even a complete team comprising different Drupal experts for both short-term and long-term support.

In any of the situations above, it is critical to know how to hire Drupal experts to get the best outcomes possible. Here is a step-by-step guide to hiring Drupal programmers for the success of your next Drupal development project:

  1. Determine What Exactly You Need: To avoid any confusion later on, define the job title, role, and job description as clear as possible in the first place. Also, describe your project requirements in-depth, and be open and completely transparent.
  1. Pick the Best Place to Outsource Drupal Development Work: There are countless websites and agencies that claim to have the best developers. Thus, with so many options to choose from, it is quite likely for you to get overwhelmed, particularly if you don’t have any prior technical knowledge or experience. When it comes to hiring Drupal developers, you can consider the following resources:
  1. Search on Social: Given the rise in the popularity of social media in recent years, exploring social platforms a little is never a wrong idea. LinkedIn is what most experts recommend.
  1. Shortlisting Candidates: Once you are sure about your needs, job requirements, and where to look for Drupal developers, it’s time to strike candidates/agencies off your list. Reading and understanding the resumes of potential candidates is an important aspect of this process.

Look for the words in resumes that match your job requirements – modules they have worked on, front-end/back-end expertise, etc. Consider candidates’ experience level – if they have worked on earlier Drupal versions like D4, D5, and D6.

  1. Assess their Technical Acumen: Let the candidates review their existing code or ask them to do some coding for you. This is a great way to examine their coding speed, quality of code, and analytical as well as decision-making skills.
  1. Examine Their Communication Skills: This is as important as coding skills and helps with smooth running and timely delivery of your project. Make sure that the potential candidate’s communication style is in line with your company’s culture/philosophy.
  1. Decide What Best Suits You Financially: Once you have shortlisted a handful of companies/candidates, take a step back and look at what makes most sense to you financially. A Drupal development agency might quote you a little higher amount, but that allows you to save on onboarding, training, overhead expenses, and much more, at the same time.

Source by Terence Lewis