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Viral Traffic​

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You have to know

the value of social

The social network

If you’re not taking advantage of social media, you’re clearly missing out on an inexpensive, fast, and easiest way to reach more audiences worldwide.

Just consider this:

With Social Media, you have a chance to attract thousands of targeted visitors to your site since theday one.

Now, compare that to SEO…

SEO sometimes takes months until you can see the results. But with Social Media, even if you build your site today…

it’s possible to see your site flooded with hundreds (if not thousands) of traffic the next day.

The difference is day and night.

What’s more, with almost every single living person have a social media account, this is the perfect source of unlimited FREE instant traffic for your Amazon store website.

That's Why We Created

Traffic Autoposter

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Works 24/7

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your Amazon Store.

Whenever your Amazon store generates articles, this plugin will post the content on social media sites to generate traffic and attract more targeted followers.

You don’t need to spend hours to manually post the content to your social profiles. Autopilot Traffic Autoposter will run 24/7 to handle this boring and repetitive task for you.

That said, you can save your time to build more Amazon store with StreamStore, while Autopilot Traffic Autoposter helps you scale your income.

You don’t need to spend hours to manually post the content to your social profiles. Autopilot Traffic Autoposter will run 24/7 to handle this boring and repetitive task for you.

That said, you can save your time to build more Amazon store with StreamStore, while Autopilot Traffic Autoposter helps you scale your income.


No need for ads.

convert all your autposted-articles in viral-posts pointing to your store!

You no longer have to gamble to run advertising that you don’t even know if it would convert.

Just do simple clicks to set up Autopilot Traffic Autoposter, and that’s it!

Now Autopilot Traffic Autoposter will start working 24/7 bringing you thousands of targeted visitors to your Amazon store… while also growing your social followers to help your business survive in the long term.

This is an amazing social media marketing tool that will quickly pay for itself within the first few days.

Improves SEO

More Traffic from Google

Not just Social Media, but also works to generate organic traffic from Google.

The correlation between social signals and ranking position on the search engine is extremely high, according to Searchmetrics white paper on ranking factors.

With that said, promoting your content on Social Media can help you rank #1 on Google. And this is where Autopilot Traffic Autoposter can help you.

With Autopilot Traffic Autoposter, you don’t need to spend countless hours posting your content on various social media sites. Just do a simple setup and your site is ready to rank higher on Google with the help of social signals.

Now you not only can dominate your market on Social Media but also on the Search Engine. So prepare your hosting, and get ready for a boatload of targeted visitors that will come to your Amazon Store from both social media and the search engine.

Get everything you need to generate more and more income 
  • Unlimited TrafficYou don’t need to spend hours on SEO or spend thousands of bucks to run advertising. Traffic Autoposter will bring traffic to your Amazon store on complete Automation.
  • Multiply profits: What you need to do is simply do a few simple clicks to set up Traffic Autoposter. This software will work 24/7 for you, bringing you more sales.
  • Shortcut to successNow you can focus your time and energy to build your Amazon Store with StreamStore, while Autopilot Traffic Autoposter keeps working to scale your income. This will help you achieve your success faster than you’ve ever dreamed possible.


  • new followers every dayWithout doing anything, you can expect to see your social profiles have thousands of followers within a few weeks. These are real people… the real potential buyers who’ll end up purchasing in your Amazon Store.
  • INSANE VIRAL TRAFFIC: Autopilot Traffic Autoposter Will Attract People Who Are Interested To Engage With Your Content, So You Can Expect To See The Massive Organic Reach That Will Lead To Insane Viral Traffic With Thousands Of Potential Buyers Flooding Your Amazon Store.

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