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Huge Amazon Affiliate Fee Charge Cuts | Some Options

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I usually don’t love to leap on present occasions, however the Amazon Associates Program is the most well-liked associates program and they’re making waves within the affiliate business. 馃敂 Subscribe:

At present they are going to be restructuring their affiliate fee payout to be extra in line in all honesty with what their retail rivals are paying.

I do know lots pretenders merely say to make use of different affiliate packages however for these of us who really earn money with the Associates Program know it isn’t that simple. Regardless, that is the fact of issues and it’s important to regulate.

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7 thoughts on “Huge Amazon Affiliate Fee Charge Cuts | Some Options

  1. Thanks for watching! Roll with the punches as they say. As guy from Connecticut, I was kicked out way back in the day due to CT creating a tax Amazon disagreed with and they booted everyone out of the program. So I've been burned before and this is nothing new to me. I still like the associates program, don't let this setback discourage you.

  2. There goes all those gurus spouting all the benefits of selling on Amazon. The company is making record profits but flipping their affiliates the bird. What do affiliates think now? I always knew Amazon was a shady player with affiliates. They can go suck hard one now.

  3. Thanks David. I am new to your channel. Grateful for your most excellent perspective. It is definitely time to focus on the things you CAN control and keep moving forward.

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