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Grey's Anatomy: Cristina's 8 Best Quotes About Friendship – Screen Rant

Cristina Yang wasn’t the most emotional of the Grey’s Anatomy characters but these quotes go to show her true friendship with Meredith.
The long-running medical drama Grey’s Anatomy gave fans worldwide the quintessential friendship between two women. It even coined a term that immediately became a hit among BFFS who loved Grey’s. Having a ‘person’ would be considered lucky.
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The relationship between Cristina and Meredith on Grey’s Anatomy was one of the most relatable and important relationships on the show that prides itself on exploring girl bonding. A human drama at its core, this Shondaland series is replete with iconic quotes about love and friendship.
The season 3 quote speaks volumes about the true nature of friendship, with Cristina emphasizing how far she and Meredith would go to keep each other’s darkest secrets and support each other through every meltdown.
Cristina had just accepted Burke’s proposal and wanted to tell Meredith. This was never about getting approval, although perhaps tacitly every woman instinctively trusts her best friend’s gut when it comes to choosing her own life partner. Such friends would be ready to go to the end of the world for one another, land in trouble, possibly even help cover up a murder, as Cristina seems so convinced of. The quote also speaks to why the twisted sisters got their name in the first place and why they are considered one of the best friendships on Grey’s Anatomy.
Cristina wanted Meredith to be the first person to know that she was engaged to Burke, and that made perfect sense. When the ferry accident happened in season 3, she was also justifiably frustrated that Meredith seemed to have disappeared the one day that she had some important news to share with her. This quote, appearing in episode 16, brings forth the way in which Cristina, despite her mechanical demeanor, relies on Meredith.
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Any BFFs would know that friendship entails listening to copious amounts of rants. It is an unwritten agreement to be there for one’s person as they go through tumultuous love lives, and every other stuff (the good, the bad, and the ugly). It also means that she was well aware of the code between girlfriends, of ensuring that any news reaches the friend before anyone else.
Grey’s fans know that Cristina and Meredith had a thing. They would “dance it out” whenever their lives were a mess or if they needed to let out some serious emotions. They were together for the final time in the season 10 finale before Yang left to take up a prestigious position at the research institute in Switzerland. However, just before leaving, she came back one last time to dance it out with Meredith.
This particular moment brings the twisted sisters’ journey to a full circle, and without it, their journey would have felt incomplete. The dance signifies what it had always signified–that the friends would always have frustrations in their lives but all they needed to do was to de-stress together, and that would give them the courage to face up to other challenges that came their way (even if they were far apart).
This is the ultimate assurance of love and friendship that one twisted sister gave to the other -an assurance that whatever happened, Meredith would always have that special place in Cristina’s life.
The friendship between these two strong women was one of the things that made Grey’s such a phenomenon amongst fans, especially for some women who could relate to their bond and the profound understanding they had of one another. The quote is one of the most heartfelt ones from Yang indicating how much she valued Meredith’s presence in her life.
Another iconic quote by Cristina to Meredith was a heartfelt request from one friend to another, one that urged Meredith to be safe. With Meredith having a penchant for getting into trouble, surviving some of the most horrifying disasters, it makes sense then that Yang should remind her to be “safe” and to not go out of her way to be a “hero.”
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However, it’s not just Meredith. Cristina has experienced several tragic moments, which has only made her stronger and braver. Knowing that Meredith was safe, even if she was far away, would help Cristina keep going in her own life. After all, Meredith was the one person who could drive her into revealing her vulnerable side and was responsible for some of Cristina’s emotional quotes in Grey’s Anatomy
The season 4 quote came when Derek asked Cristina how Meredith was doing after she had returned from a trip with Cristina that was initially meant to be the latter’s honeymoon.
Like many close friends, Yang immediately stood up for her Meredith, telling Derek that the resident was “fine” and that they usually ended up doing “fine” anyway. As Meredith’s best friend, she ensured that her dignity stayed intact and that she didn’t come across as some damsel in distress who needed to be rescued.
When Cristina decided to have an abortion after conceiving with Burke, she had to designate someone who would arrive at the spot to take care of her if something were to go wrong. Fans felt a tug at their hearts when she informed Meredith that she had put down the latter’s name as her emergency contact.
This was probably one of the first things that Cristina did that proved beyond doubt that she saw Meredith as her closest confidante and someone she could trust. Not only had she opened up to Meredith with her secret, entrusting her with a major responsibility, but she was essentially saying she was family. This is certainly something many close friends will be able to relate to.
This is probably one of Cristina Yang’s most iconic quotes on Grey’s Anatomy as it proved how much she cared about Meredith. In the season 10 finale, she reminds her ‘person’ that she needs to stand up for herself and not let other people’s wishes, in this case, Derek’s, guide her decisions in life.
Cristina had always had a naturally detached personality so it was easy for her to see that Meredith was considering giving up her own dreams for her husband’s when the latter wanted to move the entire family to DC. Meredith was indeed the sun, and she needed to hear it from Cristina.
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