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Fb modifications title to Meta: The funniest memes and jokes – CNET

“However,” cracks George Takei, “what is the Meta for?”
The social media website referred to as Fb will nonetheless use that title, however its mum or dad firm has a brand new model. On Thursday, Fb CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced that his firm will probably be referred to as “Meta” to mirror the corporate’s give attention to constructing a bigger digital world past the Fb platform. The corporate additionally owns picture app Instagram, messaging app WhatsApp and extra.
Entertain your mind with the good information from streaming to superheroes, memes to video video games.
With a platform as standard as Fb, an announcement this large could not go unmocked. The jokes flew even earlier than this week’s announcement, as we reported. However Zuckerberg’s announcement simply opened the door for extra commentary.
Instantly after the title was introduced, the Twitter account for the reboot of the Animaniacs animated present picked up on it, quoting the road in its theme track that proclaims, “We did meta first.”
We did meta first.
Others imagined how the title selection took place, or just marveled on the selection.
“Sincere to god thought this was satire,” wrote one Twitter consumer. “Sincere to god. That is the sort of pseudonym they provide tech corporations in Hallmark motion pictures as a result of it is so ridiculously faux.”
Sincere to god thought this was satire. Sincere to god. That is the sort of pseudonym they provide tech corporations in Hallmark motion pictures as a result of it’s so ridiculously faux.


Fb: “Constructing the metaverse goes to take a stage of creativity we’ve by no means seen earlier than”

Additionally Fb: “Our new title is Meta”
Overheard: However what’s the Meta for?
Altering title to Meat
“Meta” means “exhibiting or suggesting an express consciousness of itself or oneself as a member of its class : cleverly self-referential,” in accordance with Merriam-Webster. However some folks thought it may very well be an acronym, corresponding to “Mark Evading True Accountability,” or “Mark Evading Tax Accountability.”
META: Mark Evading True Accountability
Mark Evading Tax Accountability.
the Meta-morphosis by Franz Kafka
Yesterday, upon the stair,
I Meta man who wasn’t there
He wasn’t there once more immediately
I want, I want he’d go away
Fb is the brand new RadioShack- keep in mind when it rebranded itself to shack!!! That labored out nicely!!
As a result of they’re after your #meta information, after all
Some, after all, thought there have been higher decisions on the market than Meta.
“Was low-key hoping for guide face,” wrote one Twitter consumer.
Was low-key hoping for guide face
“Suckerbook” can be fairly applicable as nicely…..
It ought to simply go all the way in which and name it Narcissism.
“The Aristocrats” was proper there
I’ve a greater title.
And other people continued to notice {that a} title change is maybe not getting at Fb’s actual issues.
Wrote one individual, “Yeah positive, THIS was the problem with Fb.”
Yeah positive, THIS was the problem with Fb.
The issue just isn’t what Fb known as.
The issue is what Fb/Meta is.
So…don’t repair the issues…simply change the title and transfer on?
feeling meta


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