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Being a PC System Builder is EASY MONEY… proper?

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What does it take to be a high-end system builder today?

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50 thoughts on “Being a PC System Builder is EASY MONEY… proper?

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  2. Hmm I can't believe some people ran a system with the foam still inside the PC for years and didn't ever think maybe that shouldn't be in there lol!!!! Check out my foam cooled PC bruh!

  3. I can't wait to order my new system Friday!
    Maybe Y'all can give me a discount code?
    What, nothing? Hello… 😉😂🤣
    I've built my own in the past, and just don't want the hassle anymore.
    I'm going to leave it to people who build desktops like I'd build a desktop, and the warranty is awesome as well!

  4. Incredibly impressive, providing thermals benchmarks recommended overclocks and troubleshooting pictures for a customer is something magical. What a fantastic company.

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