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Different Amazon retailer card for spotty credit.

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20 thoughts on “Amazon Retailer Card Credit score Builder (Secured) Evaluation

  1. You can support our channel by choosing your next credit card via one of the links below (in other words, we make money if you get approved): [Click "Read More" for Advertiser Disclosure]

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    ADVERTISER DISCLOSURE: Unless otherwise noted, this channel receives compensation from our partner sites when you click through and are approved for a credit card through the links you see above. Compensation may impact how and where we place these links. While we try to include information on a wide variety of financial companies and products in our videos, we definitely can't guarantee that we've included every company or every available offer.

    NOTE: Credit card information in this video is not guaranteed; we have attempted to confirm all information to the best of our ability but we could simply be wrong or the information could be outdated by the time you watch this video. We are doing our best here, but check our work!

  2. i have one of these cards but could only afford to put down $100. You cannot add money to the deposit like other secured cards. AND for the first six months they put a hold on your payments for 5 days for 6 months so they can "evaluate " your payment history. They are supposed to be giving me a $40 Amazon credit in 2 months of on time payments. In 7 months they are supposed to upgrade it to a REAL Amazon Visa card if I make regular on time payments but my gut feeling is that they really pay attention to your credit utilization.

  3. there's another YouTube video where this guy talks about getting that stuff on purpose yes it's a pain in the ass yes it's high APR, but in the end what you're doing is you're sticking with in the Amazon. It's like a foot in the door.after the upgraded credit card from the secured yes you got to put money down you're putting down money for your future think about that. After you do that and you pay your monthly statements and get upgraded you could have been slowly apply for other Amazon cards and build your way up.

  4. I'm having a hard time understanding the differences between the Equal payment options and the special financing options. They sound literally the same. Can you clarify what the actual differences are? Thanks!

  5. He didn't mention the other pluses of this credit builder store card.

    a) (This was mentioned) 5% cashback on purchases if you're a Prime member. Cool
    b) If you're a prime member, you'll be given the option of equal, deferred payments at 0%. EX: $150+, you can pay $25 a month for 6 months. If you buy something $600, you can divide it into payments over 12 months…etc. This is a great option for those with bad credit, attempting to rebuild.

    There are pluses here.

  6. would it be worth it to buy everything I want on amazon using this then pay it back from my debit card? and would it cost me more for these items to buy them using the secured card rather than just using my debit card to pay for them like usual?

  7. So I want to finance a 2015 MacBook Pro that's 700 on Amazon. I was accepted for the credit builder card and I'm about to make the $100 deposit. My question is: when I go to finance the MacBook would I have to put down another deposit for it, or do I just begin paying the monthly payment straight off the bat?

  8. Hello, thank you very much for your video. It was very helpful. I would like to know if it is a card issued by Amazon in physical or if it is a digital card? The card you name Amazon Prime what is it about? I'm from Venezuela, I'm trying to buy a preorder book that costs $ 0.99. I have enough balance in Gift Card, but I am required to buy with a credit card and I am looking for an option. What could you recommend? Thanks in advance

  9. This is by far the greatest thing to happen for me, I have been struggling rebuilding credit and amazon was the perfect place for a secure card to finally get approved for. THIS IS AMAZING! BEZOS FOR PRESIDENT

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