22 Greatest Dad Joke Memes That Are As Humorous & Tacky As You'd Count on – Romper

Insert eye roll right here.
Oh, dad jokes. They’re so dangerous they’re good. Punny and apparent, science has but to uncover why precisely it’s that fathers can’t get sufficient of them. However even when you instinctively roll your eyes at a dad joke punchline, you must admire the enduring nature of this style of humor, and the light-hearted supply from pops usually simply trying to get a smile out of their brood. Flip the tables on pricey previous dad by exhibiting him these dad joke memes.
What’s the dad joke method? Play on phrases + tacky zinger = comedy gold. Sounds straightforward, but it surely takes an inherent nerdiness to grasp true dad joke professional standing. One of the best of the practitioners are inclined to pair their dad jokes with a heavy dose of smirking and the basic “Get it?” on the finish.
Whether or not mocking the precise act of telling a dad joke or simply teasing the daddios who make wordplay their enterprise, these memes will give pa fun and flip the script on his possession of the dad joke empire. Two can play at this sport. You possibly can duke it out for dad joke supremacy. Right here’s a head begin, ask your dad, “If two vegans get in a combat, is it nonetheless thought-about a beef?”
In the event you’re not being punny, you’re not doing it proper. Or a minimum of that appears to be the dad joke means.
Gotta love a bear pun, proper?
The ol’ “name me” joke. Warms the guts, doesn’t it?
You possibly can virtually hear a dad saying “See what I did there?” after saying this joke. Ugh.
Deja vu dad jokes: once you really feel such as you’ve lived a horrible joke earlier than.
Hear that? That was the sound of 1,000 kids groaning.
Is that this dad joke making you nervous but?
Ten bucks says the supply of this joke comes with a powerful fake Italian accent.
You possibly can take a dad to the grocery retailer, however you may’t hold his grocery retailer dad jokes out of the grocery retailer.
It’s onerous to listen to this joke and never creativeness a dad doing his personal fake excessive hat drum hit on the finish.
Go forward and name your dad Massive Pun then subsequent time he pulls one among these in line on the checkout counter.
Keep in mind how Fozzy Bear would end his jokes with “waka waka”? Yeah, that’s sort of like this.
Plain pizza, see? As a result of he’s a pilot… and he flies a aircraft.
Mime your personal enterprise, Dad.
A pun inside a pun. That is subsequent stage dad jokery.
Really feel that breeze? That’s the feeling of a dad exhaling in pleasure over his foolish joke.
Gotta love taking part in with imagery. As is the case on this visible dad joke meme.
It’s like watching a automobile accident. You’re keen the joke to cease but it surely’s about to return crashing in anyway.
Generally dads go all deep on their dad jokes. This meme showcases it completely.
Poor Rob Lowe. One can solely hope he appreciates this dad joke.
This joke is blindingly dangerous.
By no means underestimate the Venn Diagram of pop jokes and fantasy jokes.
Able to say hardy har har? Seize this record and roll.