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10 AWESOME Amazon Associates Web site Examples Each Affiliate Ought to Test Out!

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Listed here are 10 nice examples of Amazon affiliate web sites, protecting a variety of sizes and niches. (Listing beneath with timestamps.)

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On this roundup I cowl the next 10 websites:

1) (00:40)
2) (03:07)
3) (04:43)
4) (06:30)
5) (07:39)
6) (08:50)
7) (09:52)
8) (10:58)
9) (12:17)
10) (13:18)

Beneficial Amazon Associates WordPress Plugins:

馃憠 AAWP – API / Product Desk Plugin:
馃憠 SiteBuddy – Checks your web site for damaged hyperlinks, out of inventory merchandise on Amazon and many others.:

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4 thoughts on “10 AWESOME Amazon Associates Web site Examples Each Affiliate Ought to Test Out!

  1. I like the fact that you give importance to good design. One can have a good uncomplicated good-designed website. In general I see a pattern in many niche marketers where they do not really care much about design. I think this might be related to the fact that many of them have IT backgrounds, rather than creative backgrounds.

    IMHO, even a small color box here and there, a fairly develop logo, nice informative graphics can make a visitor not only appreciate it, but consider it more as an authority established site, rather than a site that's there to make a quick buck.

  2. I guess in the case of The Wirecutter money talks, bullshit walks. I am sure that the same price reference under a very relatively small site would get a penalty/shutdown, but Amazon knows it'$ not worth a penalty with the TW, but looking the other way certainly i$ worthy :).

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